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Cultivate aviation personnel


1).Candidate trainees: Primarily for members of FSF-T; however, non-members can also attend.
2).Persons trained: Totaling 2,040 persons from 2000-2004
3).Training institutions: FAA Academy, NTSB Academy, IATA, University of Southern California-USA, FSF, airlines in USA, CAA Aeronautical Training Center, DuPont, etc.
4).Training Subjects:

Constant Requirements:
Aviation safety management, accident investigation, incident investigation, maintenance resource management (MRM), ramp safety, cabin safety, etc.
Requirements by civil aviation policy:
Self audit, FOQA, dangerous goods, aviation security, etc.
Requirements by demand:
Helicopter training in mountain areas, runway incursion, inspection and testing of aging airplane, international negotiation skill, aviation and weather, etc.

5).Training programs in 2018:

Aviation Safety Management Systems.


Airside Safety Awarness Training  Course

Operational Risk Management Training Course

Insident Investigation & Analysis




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