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A Qantas Airbus A330-200, registration VH-EBF performing flight QF-44 (Dep Feb 11th) from Denpasar (Indonesia) to Sydney,NS (Australia) with 174 people on board, performed a normal approach to Sydney's runway 34L, tower asked for wind data at 1000 and 500 feet, the aircraft touched down safely, during roll out the crew reported a hydraulic failure, they were unable to move. The aircraft stopped on the runway. The next approach needed to go around. The crew subsequently advised they had lost hydraulic fluid and the nose wheel steering and requested to be towed off the runway.

On Feb 13th 2020 The Aviation Herald received information the green hydraulic fluid had been lost causing the loss of normal brakes and nose wheel steering due to a leak at the left main gear tilt actuator. The runway was closed for 40 minutes until the aircraft was towed clear of the runway.

The aircraft returned to service 11 hours after landing.


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